Fraudsters’s $ 14 billion in revenue from the cryptocurrency market in 2021

درآمد 14 میلیارد دلاری کلاهبرداران از بازار رمزارزها در سال 2021

Cryptocurrencies have reached a record $ 14 billion in revenue in 2021, thanks to the emergence of new technologies in the field of decentralized finance or DeFi. Total cryptographic thefts increased by 516% last year, and 72% of these thefts occurred in the defense sector. Overall, fraud revenue has grown by 79% in 2021 compared to 2020.

According to the company ChainalysisFraud is the main form of cryptocurrency in 2021, and in the next rank, thieves have the highest income. The company says Difai has played a significant role in both areas and new users should be very careful.

“Defy is one of the most exciting areas of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs and ordinary users,” the Chainalysis report said. “But if the spread of fraud and theft is not stopped with this technology, it is unlikely that Difai will be able to reach its full potential.”

Scams in the field of cryptocurrencies in proportion to the volume of transactions

Defy transactions grew by 912% in 2021. The impressive efficiency of tokens such as “Shiba Ino” also caused Difai tokens to attract the attention of many users. However, one of the problems with this technology is that many of its new code-level protocols are vulnerable. 21% of 2021 hacks used the same vulnerabilities.

The number of crypto thefts reached $ 3.2 billion last year. The number of scams also increased by 82% to $ 7.8 billion. One of the relatively new but popular methods of these scams is called Rug Pull, with which more than 2.8 billion dollars of capital has been stolen. In this technique, the developer abandons his project and runs away with the investors’ money before fulfilling his obligations.

However, the number of scams in the cryptocurrency area is very small, only 0.15% of the total $ 15.8 trillion volume of transactions in this space. Thus, it can be said that cryptocurrencies are becoming smaller and smaller every day in the entire crypto ecosystem.

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