Free take on the Aston Martin electric chassis for 2025

Free take on the Aston Martin electric chassis for 2025

Although the final look of Aston Martin’s first long chassis, or DBX, has been revealed to many fans of the British brand, creative images and renderings of its redesign continue to emerge from time to time. Chinese designer Jigi Han recently created a striking rendering of DBX that is worth pondering. The plan could well illustrate Aston Martin’s vision for an all-electric chassis for 2025, when the company plans to launch a new range of electric products.

Han is a graduate of the California School of Art and Design and now lives in Los Angeles. In fact, he immigrated to the United States to pursue his dreams of designing a car.

In the Han world, this EV car was created to provide more opportunities for beautiful design and layout, he said. The slope of the roof and its backward position try to show this car as something between what the DBX is supposed to be and what can be seen in the vintage.

However, the most captivating part of this rendering’s exterior design is the way the doors open. While we seem to be dealing with a four-door car, with a little care, we find that the two front doors are for access to functional spaces where different objects can be placed.

Aston Martin electric high chassis

This creative idea is thanks to the open space resulting from the installation of electric motors, which take up less space in the front of the car than the gasoline engine. Of course, the designer has continued to design the hood of the car long and long to maintain the signature of Aston Martin products.

“The functional spaces for placing suitcases near the front fenders are the main design features of this car,” says Han. “This has made it possible to extend the graphics of the windows to the fenders.”

Aston Martin electric high chassis

The project will be operational by 2025 under the Aston Martin Comprehensive Electricity Plan. The British carmaker has certainly relied heavily on the success of its first crossover.

As of last month, Aston received about 90 new orders for DBX in the United States alone. With that said, DBX can be described as the savior of Aston Martin, in which it must compete with the likes of the Porsche Cayenne.

Aston Martin electric high chassis

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