From $ 7 to $ 11,000: Discover the sites that sell fake comments for Amazon

From $ 7 to $ 11,000: Discover the sites that sell fake comments for Amazon

A consumer rights group in the UK has reported the discovery of several websites selling Amazon fake comments that are hidden from Amazon algorithms by specific tactics.

Which?’S UK Consumer Protection Group’s several websites selling fake comments “mainly” for Amazon Discovered. The group identified 10 sites that sold each positive comment for پ 5 ($ 6.97) and offered a free product or discount code to the user in exchange for complimenting the product. A spokesman for Amazon says the company is eliminating fake comments and taking action against those involved.

Which adds that Amazon sellers can post fake comments in the form of a پ 15 package ($ 21) or bulk packages with a base price of ۲ 620 ($ 864) for 50 comments or a maximum of هزار 8,000 ($ 11,000)? Dollars) to buy for a thousand comments. The group notes that the five websites have more than 702,000 “product reviewers.”

Reviewers receive a cash fee for receiving positive feedback, or receive some products for free or at a discount. They can even participate in loyalty programs and receive quality products from baby toys to sports equipment in return.

These websites have defined a series of criteria that users should comment on so that the Amazon algorithm is not questioned. These criteria include writing at least two lines and attaching an image.

Which has called on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is responsible for combating monopoly policies, to take action against these websites. Which says it has already identified several groups on Facebook in which sellers offered discounts or discount codes in exchange for fake positive comments. The discovery led Facebook and eBay to react more seriously to fake comments on their platforms in the CMA deal.

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