Galaxy S22 FE is probably the last series of this phone + possible early release

Galaxy S22 FE is probably the last series of this phone + possible early release

In the latest reports it is claimed that Samsung Probably in 2023, it plans to release the Galaxy S22 FE phone, and it is also said that this will be the last device of Samsung’s Fan Edition series. Recent published reports have talked about this and it seems that Samsung has plans to launch a new FE series phone soon.

While the Galaxy S22 FE may be the desired phone, there are also rumors about the complete elimination of this series, and it seems that the Galaxy S22 FE is the last phone of this series. In this regard, there is probably a cancellation of the Galaxy S23 FE in the future.

While the information sources did not provide any logical reasons in this regard, it may seem logical that Samsung will eventually stop the production and supply of the FE series. For example, these phones are usually released more than 9 months after the original standard Galaxy S series phones and have very little price difference.

Galaxy S22 FE

Most of the buyers have preferred to buy the original Galaxy S21 phones due to the earlier release of the original series and the few differences. Another reason could be the proximity of the launch and introduction of the FE series to the next generation of the Galaxy S series, and buyers try to wait a little to buy the original phones.

In any case, the Samsung Galaxy FE series is in a more unstable position than the main phones in terms of supply and sales, and maybe Samsung will finally decide to cancel this series altogether.

However, it is not yet possible to accurately announce that Samsung will make such decisions and this published information was leaked from unofficial sources, so it is possible to raise the possibility that they are incorrect, but in the last few months and despite the delay in the release of phones With the new FE series, we can understand that Samsung is not looking forward to the future of this series of products.

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