Galaxy S23 users complain about camera focus and blur

Galaxy S23 users complain about camera focus and blur

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series is currently the most well-known flagship, having been unveiled just last month. Needless to say, a significant number of fans pre-ordered the Galaxy S23 to be among the first to own the latest and greatest Android product. However, things do not go as well as expected and, as quoted by Android PoliceGalaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ users are complaining about focusing problems and rather annoying camera blur when taking pictures.

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A banana-shaped blur in the middle of the image!

The discussion in the German user community – many of them specifically on the Android-Hilfe forums (via Notebookcheck in German) – has centered around talk of focus issues and blurring of the camera optics on the Galaxy S23 and S23+. Images consistently show some or even entire radial regions out of focus or blurred. Some users call it blurry bananas because of the appearance of this problem.

Galaxy S23 camera blur focus problem

In addition to this forum, several users on Reddit have also echoed similar concerns. Even the folks at SamMobile have received this issue with at least one report from the India-made Galaxy S23.

Interestingly, as pointed out by some in this Samsung forum thread (also in German), this seems to be an issue with some Galaxy S22 and S22+ devices, whose successors share the same 50-megapixel rear camera, and possibly the same one. , has been transferred. But as one Redditor rightly points out, this appears to be a different issue than last year’s Galaxy S22/S22+ edge blurring issue, which went largely unnoticed.

Galaxy S23 camera blur focus problem

Despite the high number of reports, Samsung has yet to issue a public statement on these reports. Owners struggling with this issue are currently only on the customer support team.

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While there’s no sure-fire solution yet, SamMobile recommends manually focusing on the subject by tapping the screen before taking the photo. While this phone’s autofocus is annoying, it’s the only thing that works. So far, there is no evidence that resetting the phone will fix this problem. Maybe a software update can finally fix the problem – Ice Universe blogger It says it’s coming at the end of the month — but with Samsung keeping quiet for now, it’s unclear whether the update can fix what many people assume is a hardware issue.

Does the Galaxy S23 Ultra also have a problem?

Thankfully, the camera focus and blur issues don’t seem to have affected it, as the flagship uses a 200-megapixel primary camera, which is completely different from the S23 and S23+. However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra hasn’t been without its troubles either, as the manufacturer recently fixed a bug related to the S Pen Ultra.

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