Gamers are suing Microsoft to prevent the Activision deal from being finalized

Gamers are suing Microsoft to prevent the Activision deal from being finalized

Two weeks ago it became clear that the FTC from Microsoft because of the transaction AkTEugene sued and in the latest news apparently gamers have sued Microsoft to prevent the finalization of this deal. In this regard, it seems that a lawsuit has been filed against this transaction in California federal court with video game consumers being the plaintiff.

The lawsuit was filed by dozens of gamers from California, New Jersey, and New Mexico, and it claims that by finalizing the deal, the gaming industry may lose significant competition that will ultimately benefit consumers, and Microsoft by making the deal. Azim will gain great power in this market.

In this complaint, it was said that by buying Activision, Microsoft can affect the production of gaming products, limit gamers and change the pattern and choice of consumers. In the gamer’s complaint against Microsoft, the lack of competition in the game industry is also mentioned and it is said that Activision Blizzard is the last major purchase of Microsoft in the last 8 years in the technology industry. In this complaint, Microsoft’s purchases are mentioned and the giant of the technology world has bought Mojang, Playground Games, Obsidian Entertainment, ZeniMax Media and Rare Ltd studios in the last few years.

Gamers complain about Microsoft

The plaintiffs allege that this is part of an overall strategy by Microsoft to consolidate and reduce competition and harm consumers. In this regard, it is also mentioned that video game developers are affected and it is said that these studios may be affected and have less choice of employers.

However, the plaintiffs’ claims are similar to those of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has cited Activision’s independence as one of the few companies in the industry.

However, Microsoft dismissed these concerns as unfounded, and in the past years, there have been no serious problems related to other purchases of this company. In this regard, Microsoft has acknowledged that the company is still committed to buying Activision to expand competition, and they believe that this deal will provide more opportunities for gamers and developers.

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