Gartner: AI-based software revenue to reach $ 62 billion by 2022

گارتنر: درآمد نرم افزارهای مبتنی بر هوش مصنوعی در ۲۰۲۲ به ۶۲ میلیارد دلار می‌رسد

Gartner estimates that revenue from artificial intelligence-based software will reach $ 62 billion next year, up 21.3 percent from a year earlier.

the door Review done By this analytical institute, artificial intelligence has different applications and this institute has studied the market of artificial intelligence based software in different categories such as knowledge management, virtual smart assistants, self-driving electric vehicles, digital offices, data collection, etc. Is.

According to Gartner estimates, among these categories, knowledge management with 31.5 percent growth is expected to record the highest revenue increase next year, and virtual assistants with 14.7 percent growth, with the lowest revenue increase. The analyst also says it may take up to half a decade for half of organizations around the world to adopt artificial intelligence-based systems, and the technology could enter a phase known as artificial intelligence maturation.

“Alice Woodward, Gartner’s senior research director, says of the results of a recent study:

“The AI ​​software market is growing rapidly. “However, in the long run, companies that pay attention to the maturity of AI-based systems can play an important role in this growth process.”

Undoubtedly, investing in technologies based on artificial intelligence can have a huge impact on businesses. Gartner points out in his report that by increasing confidence in AI-based technologies, the market value of the field will grow more dramatically, and if this trend is followed, more companies will be happy with such technologies and thus the value The market and its revenue will also grow further.

It remains to be seen what success different companies will show to AI-based technologies and to what extent these estimates will be realized.

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