Gartner: Chip shortage reduced mobile sales by 6.8% in the third quarter of 2021

گارتنر: کمبود تراشه باعث کاهش ۶.۸ درصدی فروش موبایل در فصل سوم ۲۰۲۱ شد

According to Gartner, Samsung topped the mobile market with a 20% market share, followed by Apple with a 14.2% market share, and ahead of Xiaomi with a 13% market share.

The chip shortage crisis has had a huge impact on various industries, and the mobile market is no exception. According to the latest statistics, mobile sales in the third quarter of this year fell by about 6.8 percent. However, Apple outperformed Xiaomi this quarter and gained the second largest market share after Samsung.

data this report According to the latest statistics provided by Gartner Research, the problem of chip shortages has led to a 6.8 percent drop in mobile sales compared to last year. “Anshel Gupta, Gartner’s chief research officer, said:

Despite strong consumer demand, handset sales fell due to supply delays, longer delivery schedules and insufficient inventory. The impact of supply constraints on the production program of basic and functional phones has affected much more than premium phones.

Gartner cites integrated power and radio frequency integrated circuits as a major shortcoming that has delayed production in the mobile market and affected their sales. However, the good news for manufacturers is that market-leading handsets have grown in popularity over the quarter, despite declining overall sales.

In the third quarter of the year, Samsung maintained its position in the first place with 69 million sales, despite a 1.9% decrease in market share compared to last year. High demand for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 clamshell phones has helped the Korean tech giant.

Apple surpassed Xiaomi (44 million) in sales of more than 48 million units. According to Gartner, improving the iPhone 13 over its predecessor has helped boost Cupertino sales. Xiaomi also continues to expand its market in Europe and the Middle East.

Vivo ranks fourth on the list, with the largest annual growth, with a 20.9% increase in its share and sales of 36 million units. The third Chinese manufacturer on the list is Oppo, which is in fifth place with 33 million units sold.

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