General Motors Designer Idea for Gamers: A Car with a Game Console

1615594108 315 General Motors Designer Idea for Gamers A Car with a General Motors Designer Idea for Gamers: A Car with a Game Console 1

The production of self-driving cars is not a new idea and has its roots in decades ago. But with the advancement of technology and the great strides that have been made in the field of hardware and related software, this idea is now gaining more attention than ever before and almost all major automakers are looking to produce driverless cars. General Motors is one of these carmakers, and recently one of its designers has presented his impression of the car age by presenting an attractive design.

The future in the past!

The GM designer believes that self-driving cars can be turned into moving gaming stations! This is achievable, because there is no need for steering and pedals in self-driving cars; As a result, designers will have more freedom of action and the possibility of personalizing and adapting the cabin to different applications will enter the phase.

Many automakers are now using very large screens inside their product cabins. Such displays bring the pleasure of watching various videos to the occupants of the car. Due to this trend, it seems that sooner or later game consoles will enter the car cabin. Of course, this issue depends on the full maturity of car technology and the removal of legal barriers.

1615594107 509 General Motors Designer Idea for Gamers A Car with a General Motors Designer Idea for Gamers: A Car with a Game Console 3

The design, presented by the designer of General Motors, depicts a cabin with two seats and a very wide screen. This monitor is installed in a place where we are used to seeing the dashboard! Below this display is a beautiful compartment for placing various accessories. There is also a slim center console between the two seats on which a tablet is mounted, this tablet is used for car management; Users can also use it as a secondary display and camera to stream video on Twitch.

An attractive GM design idea for gamers

Apart from the tablet, the center console hosts two galleys; The elbow also has a special food compartment for gamers to rejuvenate when needed! The flat and flat floor and a lot of foot space are other things that can be mentioned in this interesting concept design.

Of course, car technology will bring other exciting ideas. Vehicles equipped with this technology have the opportunity to fundamentally change the way people travel and travel. These cars will not only change the behavior of passengers inside the cabin, but also affect society and even our relationships with the world around us.

Will self-driving cars be as attractive as an old Ferrari, a classic Corvette or a regular Honda? It probably depends on the hours you sit at the Xbox or PlayStation!

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