Get to know Radio Garden; An easy and fun way to access the world’s radio stations

Get to know Radio Garden;  An easy and fun way to access the world's radio stations

Imagine you are using Google Earth, but instead of just zooming in on countries, you can zoom in and listen to thousands of green dots, each representing a radio station. The Radio Garden app does just that, making it easy and fun to listen to the radio.

Radio Garden was launched in 2016, but since then its appearance has undergone many changes and developers have been adding thousands of local and national radio stations to it. This service has caused a lot of noise on social networks in recent days.

If you have not yet tried Radio Garden, now is a good time because its app for iOS And Android Has been published and if you do not want to install the app you can go to Web version Head over. If you are using a web version, it is better to use Chrome or Firefox browser, because as Digital Trends Notes that the Brave browser is not working properly with Radio Garden at this time.

To use this service, just zoom in on the desired point after opening the map. When you move the green circle with the mouse pointer to the desired area and place it on one of the points, the radio station starts playing automatically. You will be shown the name of the station being played as well as the suggested stations around, and it is possible to search for stations by country, city and station name. Stations can be added to favorites if needed to make them easier to find.

Of course, Radio Garden does not currently offer all stations. Africa and China, for example, have many more stations, only some of which are shown on the map. The developer says he is expanding the stations and will add them to the map soon.

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