Gigabyte unveiled three new laptop models for gaming and digital designers

Gigabyte unveiled three new laptop models for gaming and digital designers

Gigabyte today from 2 models New laptop from AORUS series It has unveiled AORUS 17 and AORUS 15 models and another model called AERO 14 OLED with a focus on processing power and easy transportation as well as gaming applications. The three new laptops now join the AORUS series flagship models AORUS 15X, AERO 16 OLED, and AORUS 17X to the 2023GB portfolio that the company unveiled at this year’s CES.

According to the manufacturer, the new AORUS 17 and AORUS 15 laptops will be released with support for the latest Nvidia GPUs, while the AERO 14 OLED model is more suitable for designers. Both new AORUS laptop models are going to be offered to the market with support for 13th generation Intel i7 H series gaming processors and RTX 4070 graphics processors for laptops.

The new GIGABYTE AORUS 15 and AORUS 17 laptops are going to come with the support of the WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system, which can also cool parts with an electric power of 160 watts. The display performance of these laptops is also remarkable and this series of products will be available with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a resolution of 1440p.

AORUS 15 laptop

These specifications together with powerful processors will bring the desired gaming experience to their owners. The appearance design of these laptops is also presented with a focus on their gaming theme, and the RGB lighting has doubled the beauty of these laptops. The latest newly introduced model, the AERO 14 OLED, is a thin and light laptop for designers and digital content creators.

This product uses an integrated aluminum chassis and is supposed to be supported by an Intel Core i7-13700H processor. However, the GPU of this laptop will be RTX 4050.

According to Gigabyte, the OLED display of this laptop provides accurate color specifications and X-Rite 2.0 factory calibration is also done in this product. Gigabyte has not provided the exact release date and possible price of these products, but we can expect that this series of laptops will be available in the global market in the near future.

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