Gmail ads are getting more annoying day by day

Gmail ads are getting more annoying day by day

A few months ago it was first reported that Gmail More ads in your inbox It shows some users. In this regard, a screenshot has been shared on Twitter, which shows that Google is mixing the real emails of some users with advertising messages from the Gmail desktop site, and users are not very happy about this.

In fact, Gmail ads have been appearing at the top of the Promotions and Social boxes for a long time, but the problem is that it never dared to display them between messages. Right now, this big change makes it even more confusing to distinguish between real emails and ads, even though they have a small green “Ad” icon next to them. Since this ad content hasn’t appeared in any of the inboxes of some users, it’s unclear whether Google is testing the change or plans to roll it out gradually.

Gmail ads are getting more annoying day by day

Additionally, in recent weeks, some users on the Gmail mobile app have also noticed ads appearing as annoying, full-size images on top of their inboxes.

Google’s website has not yet announced exactly why these ads are placed in the middle of users’ inboxes and whether it plans to continue this process or not. One of Google’s support pages says that Gmail offers “expandable ads on top of people’s tabs.” Alternatively, another page about Google’s Discovery campaigns shows an example of a Gmail ad appearing at the top of a user’s inbox.

In response to a user’s concerns about ads appearing in their Twitter inbox, the official Gmail account vaguely replied that it “doesn’t look good” and sent him a Google support page explaining how the ads work. given. Currently, more information about this change has not been published and we have to wait more to see how Google reacts to this issue.

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