Google adds AI-based features to its applications

Google adds AI-based features to its applications

Google announced that it plans some Artificial intelligence-based features for applications self supply Of course, these features will not be available to all users around the world right from the start. Because the company only makes these features, like the Bard chatbot, available to trusted testers in the United States. But by the end of this year, all users will have access to the new features.

These features based on artificial intelligence will be implemented in Google applications such as Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets and Slides. For example, in the Google Docs app, the new user interface provides easy access to artificial intelligence so you can use it to start writing. After producing textual content, you can summarize your writing, brainstorm and add new ideas to the text with the help of artificial intelligence. In Gmail, artificial intelligence can understand the subject of your message and write a complete email based on it. Regarding the slide, with artificial intelligence, you can produce images, sound and video in the moment so that you can have a better presentation.

Artificial intelligence-based feature of Google applications

Google has considered many features for its practical applications, which briefly include the following:

  • Receive, reply, summarize and prioritize Gmail
  • Brainstorm, edit, write, and rewrite in Docs
  • Add your creative insights to the real world by automatically building images, audio, and video into your slides
  • Access to analytics through raw data with auto-completion, formula generation and categories in the sheet
  • Create a new background and note in Mate

You can even choose the tone of your writing to suit the situation. Google announced that this feature can transcribe your texts in a formal tone, long, short or point by point. Additionally, AI helps you create a draft based on a specific topic, summarize long emails to save time, and proofread or even rewrite your documents.

  • The dismissal of the Google employee who claimed that Google’s artificial intelligence has become self-aware
  • Video production from an image with Google artificial intelligence Transframer technology

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