Google and Intel are working together to accelerate the implementation of 5G applications

One of the most important things to do in implementing a 5G network is to provide a platform for edge and cloud computing that connects 5G access points to other parts of the Internet. Google and Intel have recently partnered to provide edge software services for Internet connectivity.

Shailesh Shukla, Vice President of Cloud Services and Director General of Google Network Services, Says“We believe that with the cooperation of other companies in the telecom stack – application service providers, operators and service providers (CSPs), hardware suppliers and telecommunications companies – we can reduce the cost and time to market that is needed to the telecommunications industry.” “Move to 5G cloud services.”

Google is working with Intel to develop reference architectures and technologies to speed up the implementation of the 5G network and its edge processing solutions. “5G has accelerated the transition to native cloud technologies,” said Dan Rodriguez, vice president of Intel and CEO of Network Platforms Group. “Our actions, together with Google Cloud and the ecosystem community, enable the rapid and scalable provision of new and evolving 5G applications and edge processing.”

Google and Intel are working together to accelerate the implementation Google and Intel are working together to accelerate the implementation of 5G applications 1

The two companies specifically want to assist communication service providers (CSPs) in implementing VRAN and ORAN solutions. In VRANs, the baseband unit, which used to be a digital signal processor for processing voice and data to smartphones and vice versa, is being replaced by ready-to-use software and hardware. Communication service providers can use public software and hardware.

5G VRAN is implemented in Google and Intel applications through Google Anthos application platform and Intel native cloud platforms and solutions (with FlexRay reference software). In this way, CSP companies can improve their network performance, optimization, cost, and implementation models.

The two companies are also set to use the OpenNESS implementation model. OpenNESS is a MEC software toolkit that provides optimized and powerful edge platforms for managing network applications and capabilities. OpenNESS open source distribution allows IoT and IoT developers to make edge computing applications easier.

Google recently introduced a program to bring more than 200 partners to the edge services through Google Cloud to support the business and software of the project.

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