Google and NASA celebrated Pi Day, the world’s most famous number

Google and NASA celebrated Pi Day, the world's most famous number

Two days of the year are celebrated in different countries of the world on the occasion of the most famous number in the world, the number “Pi”. Google has added the well-known Pi number symbol and stars around it to the top of its calculator this year, and NASA has said in a statement the importance of Pi and its role in space research.

The number Pi is represented by the Greek symbol “π” in mathematics to indicate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter as 3.14. Every year, coinciding with the birth of Albert Einstein, March 14 (numerically written in the 14/3 calendar) is celebrated as Pi Day. In addition, on another day, July 22, as the day of approximation of the number Pi, due to Archimedes’ efforts to approximate this number, commemoration ceremonies will be held again in some countries of the world.

Usually, countries that have a day and then a month in writing the calendar celebrate March 22nd, and countries that write a month first and then a day in the written calendar celebrate March 14th.

Google in an interesting move to remind the day of the Pi number, at the top left of its calculator, the Pi number added If the user has forgotten this big day, he will be reminded by seeing the Pi number. In previous years, Google has celebrated March 14 in various ways, such as changing the logo.

The Pi number symbol appears at the top left of the calculator with a few stars, and when you click on it, the calculator automatically types the first three digits of the Pi number.

Pi number day is not only important for Google, and NASA in a statement to commemorate this number said that NASA uses the number Pi every day and the celebration of this important number is not limited to just one day. NASA added in a statement on Pi Day:

“Pi number has played an important role in landing on the Red Planet. This number helps engineers determine the amount of traction required for a parachute landing on Mars. “Pi also plays an important role in determining the position of other planets relative to Earth.”

The number pi, although a vague number in mathematics, has many applications in mathematics. The discovery of this number is one of the most important mathematical discoveries and for this reason he was able to record two days of the year in his own name.

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