Google and Samsung have launched an update to fix the Dirty Pipe vulnerability

گوگل و سامسونگ شروع به انتشار بروزرسانی برای رفع آسیب‌پذیری Dirty Pipe کردند

Google Last week a security update for Android Released but this security flaw update «Dirty PipeDid not include, which had made enough noise last month. Now, although we will probably have to wait for the update until May, but some companies, such as Google and Samsung, have started to eliminate this vulnerability with the update.

According to NewsDirty Pipe security flaw with code CVE-2022-0847 Is known, at the core Linux Was discovered and allows individuals to share their data in a process without the permission or access of an admin.For reading»(Read Only) To register.

It should be noted that this security flaw is already working in Android to provide full and temporary access, but it can also allow system access to all kinds of malware and other unknown software. The problem of Dirty Pipe has now been fixed in the Linux kernel and the Android version of the Linux kernel, but it seems that the main update will arrive in May.

What will be the task of Google and Samsung users until the release of the main update?

It is quite natural and understandable that no one wants to put their device at risk until then. Needless to say, this is a problem in some custom kernels, such as kernels کیریساکورا To Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 pro Fixed this security flaw also in the Android update QPR3 Beta 2 Google has also been resolved for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which were released on Thursday.

Nevertheless apparently Samsung It is the only company that has dealt with this security flaw with a principled approach and solution, and as stated in the company’s security newsletter, referring to the security flaw CVE-2022-0847, it has been announced that the company’s early update can block all attacks caused by this flaw. Slowly

Headphones Xiaomi 12 And 12 پرو They are still vulnerable to this defect because they have not received any updates وان‌پلاس It has not yet released any source code for its April update.

Finally, we have to wait and see which company will wait for the May update and which company, like Samsung, will release the update early. In any case, until this problem is resolved, it is better to avoid installing suspicious and unofficial applications.

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