Google Bard and Adobe Firefly cooperation; Create and edit new images

Google Bard and Adobe Firefly cooperation;  Create and edit new images

A few months ago, Adobe introduced its text-to-image artificial intelligence service called Adobe Firefly. In this way, Adobe, like other big artificial intelligence companies including Google, Microsoft and Meta, entered this field. FireFly was initially added to Adobe’s products, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. now Adobe and Google to add FireFly features, a set of artificial intelligence visual tools and Adobe Express work together to Bard chatbot. Firefly’s unique capabilities and training set it apart from other AI image generators.

Integration of Google Bard chatbot and Adobe Firefly service

Yesterday at today’s Google I/O keynote, it was announced that you can now ask Google Bard to create different Firefly images based on text descriptions. In fact, Bard responds to your request by creating an image just like Bing Image Creator or Dall-E.

Now, what sets Firefly apart is that Adobe’s AI model is trained only on professionally licensed photos and images from Adobe Stock, as well as copyright-free public content. This greatly reduces the likelihood of legal challenges when using AI images for commercial purposes.

In addition, Google and Adobe remove content that has already been created by another user from new results to protect the authenticity of the content. This means that the results of a fixed command from two users will not be the same. This is done by using the “do not train” list and by adding a tag to all the generated results, they are prevented from being reproduced.

Adobe plans to give Firefly more control than other AI image producers. Currently, Firefly offers a unique text style feature that allows you to type a word, choose a font, and use a text message to fill the outline with images.

Google Bard and Adobe Firefly cooperation;  Create and edit new images

The AI ​​output image isn’t very professional, but Google Bard integrates Adobe Express and makes it easier to apply details to Firefly images. Adobe Express is an online image editor that does the basics for free.

It should be said that even the best images created by artificial intelligence often require changes to be made by humans. Adobe Express also offers sharing functionality so that the end result can be easily posted on social media.

Along with Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express, Google Bard is progressing to a great extent and is preparing for a closer competition with artificial intelligence chatbots produced by prominent companies such as OpenAI.

In particular, Firefly works will carry the Content Credit Initiative (CAI) credential along with information about how the image was produced. This helps identify computer generated content.

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