Google enables 2-step authentication for 150 million users

گوگل قابلیت احراز هویت دومرحله‌ای را برای ۱۵۰ میلیون کاربر فعال می‌کند

By the end of this year, Google says, it will make two-step authentication available to about 150 million users by default to increase their account security.

Google announced in May that it would enable 2FA by default to improve user security.

Google Says In 2018, only 10% of active accounts used dual-component authentication. In recent years, the company has tried in various ways to persuade users to activate 2FA. But now it seems to have decided to do it itself and enable this feature on the account of 150 million users by default.

Of course, two-component authentication is not enabled on all accounts, and only accounts that have the appropriate backup mechanisms will be enabled by default. One of these mechanisms is the registration of a mobile number on an account.

Two-step authentication is one of the most common methods of securing user accounts, which is offered as an auxiliary method along with the password. This method uses a one-time password or authentication application to deliver a unique code to you.

Thanks to the company’s efforts, this technology is now available to more users on Android and iPhone. Google now checks more than one billion passwords daily through Chrome, Android and Google’s built-in password manager. The company says it will soon allow you to create passwords for other applications as well.

Another feature that will be available soon is the ability to view passwords from within the Google Apps menu. Google has also encouraged users to use Inactive Account Manager, which will come in handy if you no longer want to use an account or be present to decide the status of your account.

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