Google has announced new programs to protect users against cyber attacks

گوگل از برنامه‌های جدید خود برای حفاظت از کاربران در برابر حملات سایبری خبر داد

Google has announced that it will offer a new set of cybersecurity protection features to its high-risk users. The search engine giant announced yesterday that about 14,000 Gmail users were targeted by the Russian government hacker group APT28.

Google In your blog post He said there were a number of cyberattacks aimed at attacking prominent individuals and groups, and that they now had to do some extra work and form a team to “identify and stop the world’s most sophisticated cybercriminals.” has done.

We look forward to working with leading organizations to further protect high-risk user groups and learn more about the needs of users and organizations at risk. Partnerships help us make the world’s most advanced security even stronger, more pervasive, and easier to use. We help everyone be safer with Google.

In addition to promoting its Advanced Protection App (APP), which users can use to strengthen their protection against specific attacks, Google is working with organizations around the world to provide more free security keys during 2021 for more than 10,000 users. Put at risk.

The search engine giant goes on to explain that the app is available to all users but is specifically designed for individuals and organizations that are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Among these groups, Google cites elected officials, political campaigners, human rights activists, and journalists.

Accounts of eligible Google applications are also protected against a wide range of online attacks such as phishing, malware, and other malicious Chrome and Android downloads. In addition, as new threats are discovered, the APP evolves.

Google has also announced new partnerships with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), the United Nations Women, and the Nonprofit Digital Defense Campaigns (DDC).

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