Google has released a new preview of Android 12 developers

Google has released a new preview of Android 12 developers

At the end of last month, Google released the developer preview version of Android 2.1 to fix major WebView issues. It has now released a new version of this update for Pixel phones with Android 12 operating system.

Google usually releases bug fixes two weeks after the original release. However, it seems that the developer preview version 2.1 was released more because of a WebView bug that caused most apps to run poorly, and the new update is the original patch.

The new version of the Android 12 developer preview addresses some of the major user problems Removed Which has a great impact on its use. In the Connections section, the problem of the phone settings section crashing when opening the Bluetooth menu and giving the wrong notification about the low quality of Bluetooth has been fixed. The problem of not saving the password of Wi-Fi connections and the disappearance of widgets have also been solved. In addition to fixing problems with video codecs and notifications shadows.

This version also comes with the April security patch. Complete changes to this version include the following:

  • Fixed an issue where the phone’s settings failed while opening the Bluetooth settings menu
  • Fixed a problem with deleting home page widgets after installing an operating system update over a wireless connection
  • Fixed an issue with sending incorrect notifications and poor quality Bluetooth calls
  • Solve the problem of not storing Wi-Fi network passwords
  • Fixed an issue that triggered notifications when typing notifications on the screen
  • Fixed an issue with Codec 2.0 that in some cases caused applications to crash
  • Troubleshoot issues that cause videos to be encoded incorrectly when sharing

The new preview version of Android 12 developers is now available to users with a size of 19.92 MB and can be easily downloaded via the “Check for new updates” button on the settings page. According to this report, the Pixel 5 phone along with the Pixel 4 and 3 series can receive this update.

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