Google has released the new user interface of Google Docs from today

Google has released the new user interface of Google Docs from today

Google started rolling out an updated user interface for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets And Slides He has done that with the language Material Design 3 It matches perfectly. These apps still work the same way as before, but Google in the An announcement post It has been written that from now on it will be a little “simpler” to work with, and from now on they will be less tangled and have some improvements and additions.

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Optimized for collaborative tasks

When Google first announced it in February, many likened its appearance to a Gmail environment, which makes perfect sense given that Google says it’s trying to “simplify collaboration across its products.” This is exactly what Google has always been looking for in its word processing software, so if you’ve noticed that starting today something looks a little different while writing or working on a spreadsheet, it’s because of Google Docs and the new user interface. It is from Google.

Google's new Google Docs user interface

Google has announced that within the next 15 days, all users will receive the fast-release domains, and everyone should have them by March 25. Also, the company has announced that this update is available for all corporate users, personal users, as well as people who are still on old programs. G Suite Basic And Business It is busy, will be available.

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