Google has unveiled its next generation of augmented reality glasses

گوگل نسل بعدی عینک واقعیت افزوده خود را به‌طور اجمالی به نمایش گذاشت

Google ended the keynote address of the 2022 Developers Conference with a big surprise. The company has a brief look at the latest Augmented reality glasses It had a feature on it that could display phrases in front of the user Translation Slowly

Although a large number of Silicon Valley companies have focused on making smart glasses, no company has yet been able to make glasses with an efficient feature that users can really use and put aside their security concerns. Simultaneous translation can now be the same feature that augmented reality glasses provide Actual application ان‌ها Will get closer.

Mountain View residents did not release specific information about the products they are working on. The only thing that was displayed was a recorded video of Idea function The prototype was an augmented reality glasses and did not show the display or how to interact with it. However, the idea seen in this video portrayed an exciting future in augmented reality.

Google augmented reality glasses will be your simultaneous translator

Google augmented reality glasses

In this demo, a Google product manager tells someone who wears these smart glasses: “You have to do what I say in a way Written And see at the same time. Something like Subtitle “But in the real world.” The following is a conceptual view of what the user will see behind the glasses. This scene shows that the other person’s words are translated in an instant.

However, it is unclear at this time when this idea will become a consumer product and how successful it will work in practice. Furthermore, we do not know that this project is the same Iris Project It is Google that was mentioned in the reports or we are facing a different project. However, we can hope that Google has at least one practical idea for the future of augmented reality glasses.

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