Google implements the ability to detect Bluetooth tracker in Android

گوگل قابلیت شناسایی ردیاب بلوتوث را داخل اندروید پیاده‌سازی می‌کند

The gadget quickly gained popularity among users when Apple unveiled the Iertag Bluetooth Detector. But on the other hand, there were concerns about users being tracked by thieves with the help of Irtag, and of course, solutions were offered to eliminate some of these abuses. Now, apparently, Google also intends to bring the ability to detect Bluetooth tracker directly to Android, so that you know about the tags around you that may be active for abusing your location.

Apple recently “Tracker Detect” application Provided for Android users, with the help of which users of Android phones could be informed of the presence of Irtag near them. This feature allows users to manually scan for in-app searches for possible airbags. But apparently it is supposed to be possible to scan Implement a Bluetooth tracker inside Android.

In the middle of this month, about two weeks ago, Google started working on a feature in Google Play that mentioned this feature in a large number of Android phones. In the latest version of Google Play service (version 22.12.13) that has reached some users, there is a series of codes that refer to “unfamiliar tag identification notification” and “unfamiliar device alerts” for low-power Bluetooth (BLE) has it. Also in the code is the name “ATag”, which probably indicates the Apple AirTag. The code explains that when a tag is detected by an Android device, its alarm can be activated to easily find the tag.

The ability to detect Bluetooth trackers on Android is still in its infancy, and it is not possible to say for sure when it will be available for Android phones. As we said, the Android application provided by Apple ‌, unlike the Irteg feature on the iPhone (thanks to UWB technology), does not allow automatic search.

Since there are concerns about tagging, it may be best for large companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung to work together to provide a security solution.

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