Google is adding two new security features to the Chrome browser

گوگل دو ویژگی‌ امنیتی جدید به مرورگر کروم اضافه می‌کند

Google is adding two new security features to Chrome 91 to increase users’ security and reduce the risk of potential misuse of their data.

Despite all the advances in security, the Internet is still just as dangerous, and there is a lot of news about hacking and misuse of user data. When working with the web, our security against threats depends on web browsers, and now Google has added some new security features to the Chrome browser.

With these new features, in the future, if the plugin that users want to download is not trusted by Google, Chrome will warn users about this through a special tag. Browser add-ons must comply with all developer policies set by Google and have been out of date for at least a few months. So even if the plugin is seamless, it will not be immediately trusted by Google.

In this case, if you try to get one of the invalid plugins, you will see a pop-up warning telling you to “do it carefully.” Of course, you can still download using the “Continue Install” button, but Google Alerts make it even more alert to your browser security.

According to Google, about 75% of the add-ons in the Chrome browser web store follow the instructions and are reliable. Also, this does not mean that plugins are generally dangerous, but users should be more aware of the potential risks anyway.

In addition, another new feature, Google, scans users’ downloads and notifies them of suspicious items. Although users can ignore this, Google also intends to warn users of the potential dangers of the Internet. According to Google, new security features will be introduced gradually for Chrome 91.

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