Google is looking to remove a number of dislikes from YouTube videos

Google is looking to remove a number of dislikes from YouTube videos

Given the importance of “Like” and “Dislike” options and their effective role in the credibility of YouTube channels, YouTube is testing the removal of the dislike option.

Some users misuse the Dislike option to question the credibility of some YouTube channels. Earlier, it was said that YouTube intends to leave the decision on the public display of likes and dislikes to the owners of YouTube channels to decide on the public display of these two options for video content.

Currently it is possible to remove the dislike option only for some YouTube channels on a trial basis Activated So that YouTube can gather the necessary feedback in this regard.

In the YouTube Dislike deletion test, only the number of likes for the relevant videos is displayed, and YouTube channel managers can view the dislike statistics on the YouTube Studio page. In fact, dislikes are not displayed publicly. Sometimes targeted campaigns are launched to dislike some YouTube videos and damage the channel’s credibility. In this regard, YouTube has decided to create a solution to deal with such campaigns by not showing the number of dislikes. Increasing the number of YouTube video dislikes is sometimes used as a way to get more attention, which will be prevented by disabling the display of this option.

YouTube believes that such statistics generally do not reflect the true statistics of user hatred and are not reliable. Rather, it is strategically targeted and sometimes pursues other goals. To prevent the abuse of such options, YouTube has decided to activate the option to remove the dislike display as well as the Like option on a trial basis.

In addition to the fact that the number of unrealistic dislikes can have a negative impact on public opinion about the published video content, the number of unrealistic likes is the same. In fact, the number of unrealistic likes will not be realistic.

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