Google is pursuing new policies in the field of cryptographic advertising

گوگل سیاست‌های جدیدی را در حوزه تبلیغات رمزارزها دنبال می‌کند

Google has issued a statement announcing a change in its search engine advertising policy regarding exchanges and Ramzarz service providers. The changes, which signal Google’s softer approach to the cryptocurrency market, are set to take effect in two months.

Based on Statement released On the Google website, from August 12, advertisers of cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as wallets that target users in the United States, will be able to submit their products and services subject to Google’s approval and approval. Advertise. This is despite the fact that such a possibility was not available to them before.

One of the requirements in the Google report is to register these companies and institutions in the Financial Crimes Network as a monetary services business and to have a state banking license.

In addition to any local, state, or federal legal requirements, all advertisers must follow Google Ads policy. Google also said in a statement that the new rules do not apply to businesses related to “Quinn initial public offering, DeFi trading protocols or any purchase, sale or trading of cryptocurrencies and related products.”

In 2018, Google announced a massive ban on cryptocurrency ads. However, after that, some restrictions related to this area were gradually lifted and the approval of the advertisement was issued only to people who are targeting the US and Japanese markets. This posed particular challenges for exchanges seeking to establish appropriate relationships in the US market.


With its new move, Google shows once again that it intends to promote the exchange of cryptocurrencies and wallets under its supervision to users. Although many exchanges may still not be able to meet Google’s requirements, there is no doubt that the company’s policy has become a little softer than in the past.

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