Google is testing a combination of security and privacy menu for Android 13

گوگل یک منوی ترکیبی از امنیت و حریم خصوصی را برای اندروید 13 آزمایش می‌کند

With the release of the second version of “Android 13 Developers Preview” (Android 13 DP2We saw how various options such as security and privacy shortcuts are included in the “Quick Settings” section with the camera, microphone and location in a common space. Now we want to take a closer look at the new menu Android 13 Have.

According to screen shot Gained, Google He is experimenting with redesigning Android security options. This is a new menu Security & Privacy Is called and is compatible with the quick shortcut settings seen on Android 13 DP2 last month.

These screenshots mainly show the current security menu information Android 12 Is. In addition to the security check section above, there are options for application security, finding a lost device, and security updates, all of which have been moved together.

What other information is there about Android 13?

It should be noted that apparently in Android 13, there is no option to enter the privacy settings directly, and this option is probably at the bottom of the page and is not visible in the screenshot. also “Michal RahmanThe source of these screenshots noted that the menu is not fully functional, so privacy settings may be moved to the top of the screen during other changes.

This is not the first time that Google has merged and integrated two similar submenus to take up less space, however, this change has so far been the most notable change in Android 13 settings.

Finally, it should be added that with the release of the beta version of Android 13, which according to Google’s general plans will probably happen in the same days, we can get more information about changing the menus of Android 13.

This is while the event Google I / O Also in history 21 ارديبهشت The month will be held and no doubt new news of future Android changes will be released during it.

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