Google Photos snippets feature short clips of videos

ویژگی Snippets گوگل فوتوز کلیپ‌های کوتاهی از ویدیوها تهیه می‌کند

Google is testing a new feature for the Google Photos app. This feature, called Snippets, produces short, shareable clips from long videos.

Of course, Snippets can not be used in every video, and currently for use in videos related to Pet It has applications.

Google Photos It is the gallery application of this company and regularly Important updates Receives. It seems that the newest feature of this application, Snippets Be currently available Limited number of users contract.

Google Photos Snippets feature

Report Given that the Snippets feature of the Google Gallery app is currently in Experimental phase And its public offering has not been finalized. The company also did not share detailed information about this feature and it is not clear when the update will be released.

However, users who have this feature in the Google Photos app have released details of Snippets applications. Accordingly, the new Google Photos feature automatically Short clips And Shared Makes it from longer films.

This feature, like the other Photos feature, will be available soon. Probably like other features of this app, to use the Snippets feature, use the Google Gallery app Machine learning it’s focused. You can use the Snippets feature to select the highlight of your clip and send it to your friends.

Of course, this feature is not perfect, and in some cases it may add an irrelevant part to your short clips; But expect these bugs in final version To be eliminated.

What do you think about the addition of the Snippets feature in Google Photos?

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