Google: Predator spyware allows government hackers to infiltrate Chrome and Android

گوگل: جاسوس افزار Predator نفوذ هکرهای دولتی به کروم و اندروید را ممکن می‌کند

Google Says a mysterious company last year used its spyware called “Predator” to gain access to several important security vulnerabilities Chrome browser And operating systems Android Has been sold to government-affiliated hackers.

Cytrox, a company based in northern Macedonia, apparently has access to four Security flaw Sells Chrome browser as well as a flaw in Android operating system. The company’s customers are said to be government-linked hackers from several foreign countries who use their spyware called Predator and hacked security vulnerabilities. Google in your blog post Provides a complete list of these vulnerabilities.

Researchers at Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) explain in this post:

“We are very confident that these defects were collected by a spy company called Cytrox and sold to various government-sponsored agents, which have been used in at least three campaigns.”

Hacked Google by private companies

In addition, hackers from most countries of the world are said to have purchased Cytrox spy services and software. Google’s security team also points to a worrying new trend in this post. Most of the vulnerabilities discovered last year by Private regulatory companies Developed like Cytrox.

Over the past few years, independent hacking groups have caused a great deal of controversy in the technology industry. Among them is the NSO group, which last year was sued by Apple for spying on iPhone users with Pegasus malware. The $ Lapsus hacker group also made a name for itself by attacking Nvidia late last year. The group was also found to be responsible for hacking Ubisoft and T-Mobile Systems.

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