Google Stadia shutdown in the coming days + controller update to work with other platforms

Google Stadia shutdown in the coming days + controller update to work with other platforms

Google recently announced its plans to release an automated tool for the dedicated controller Stadia It has announced that the presentation of that controller through Bluetooth enables it to run and support other gaming platforms as well. This probably means that this controller, which currently only works on the Google Stadia cloud gaming service, will be able to continue working on other platforms after the service is discontinued and the Google gaming platform is dissolved.

In this regard, the official Twitter account of Stadia announced this news yesterday and they stated that next week this feature will be available with Bluetooth support. However, it seems that this controller is not going to be fully open source and Google has refused to reveal more precise details until the coming days and when the update is released.

It seems that the Google Stadia cloud gaming service was not as expected by this company and the news of its sudden shutdown was published in the past months, and this service is going to be unavailable in the coming days, January 18.

Google Stadia Controller

With the closure of this service, however, Google has issued financial refunds to customers who have purchased dedicated hardware for this platform, and Google hopes to automatically issue refunds to buyers who have paid for games, hardware, and subscription fees by January 18 at the latest. do it.

However, Google recently released Worm Game on this platform, and this is a game that was also available before the launch of the Stadia service in 2019, and it seems to be the last game released on this service as well. will be nicknamed

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