Google to pay security researchers $12 million in 2022

Google to pay security researchers $12 million in 2022

Last year, Google paid the highest bug bounty to one particular case at $605,000, and the company’s total last year The amount of 12 million dollars, which includes bonuses It has paid security researchers and hackers to find nearly 2,900 bugs.

Google has released its 2022 vulnerability bounty program statistics, which provides an overview of the company’s state of affairs. The highest paid amounts were related to five important bugs in Android, which were registered by the user name qzobbq and received a total of 605 thousand dollars.

In 2021, the same researcher discovered another important vulnerability in Android and finally got $157,000 from Google. Google’s average payout for reported vulnerabilities is close to $10,000, but the company pays up to $1 million for high-profile vulnerabilities.

$12 million Google

In this regard, Google has paid nearly 4.8 million dollars for Android bugs out of the same amount of 12 million dollars in 2022, and three researchers named Aman Pandey, Zinuo Han and Yu-Cheng Lin have solved 200, 150 and 100 problems respectively. have reported

The search giant also made major payouts for reporting issues with the Chrome browser and ChromeOS operating system, amounting to nearly $4 million for 2022. Apart from the rewards paid to the researchers, Google also allocated more than $250,000 in financial aid to security researchers, and this includes people who, despite efforts on Google’s services and systems, did not discover vulnerabilities.

  • Releasing the first Windows update in 2023 and fixing 98 security issues
  • Google is developing a dedicated server processor for its data centers
  • The introduction of Google’s new artificial intelligence on 19 February and its integration with the search service

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