Google unveils Android 12L for clamshell phones, tablets and Chrome OS

گوگل از اندروید 12L برای گوشی‌های تاشو، تبلت‌ها و کروم او اس رونمایی کرد

Google last week released Android 12 for Pixel phones, but now we see another version of it. The internet search giant today unveiled Android 12L for clamshell phones, tablets and Chrome OS, which, although it looks like a new version of Android, is, according to Google, a special feature for devices with large screens.

In previous years, Google released a preview or beta d of new versions of its operating system and then made it publicly available to users in the fall. While Google has been releasing an original version of its operating system every year since 2018, in recent weeks there have been indications that a new version of its new operating system may be introduced.

Now Google in Android Dev Summit 2021 from Android 12L Unveiled Optimized for larger screens and works for tablets, clamshells and Chrome OS devices:

“In just one year, we saw the activation of 100 million new tablets, which grew by 20% annually. Chrome OS, which is experiencing the fastest growth on the desktop platform, also grew 92 percent. “Sales of clamshell phones have also increased and experienced an annual growth of more than 265 percent.”

Android 12L user interface

Android 12L optimizes the device interface, adjusts home screen location, lock screen, notifications, quick settings and more. Google has announced that all devices with a pixel density of 600 pixels will use a standalone Layout with two columns so that the entire display can be used by users.

In the example released by Google, the quick settings are on the left side of the screen and the notifications panel is on the right side, giving them simultaneous access.

Android 12L also uses a new taskbar that makes it easier for users to switch between apps, and by dragging and dropping an app from the taskbar, it can be opened in split-screen mode and the two apps can be placed side by side.

Google unveils Android 12L for clamshell phones tablets and Chrome Google unveils Android 12L for clamshell phones, tablets and Chrome OS 2

Release time of Android 12L

Google announced the release of 12L early next year, but the possibility of testing new features in Developers page It is there. From this page you can download the 12L simulator. Google has said it is working with several companies to update the 12L, and a preview version is being developed for the Lenovo P12 Pro tablet.

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