Google’s new design could indicate a possible replacement of Android with Fiosha

Google's new design could indicate a possible replacement of Android with Fiosha

Google has been confirming the existence of the Fuchsia OS for some time, but no one still knows what the application of this mysterious operating system is and when we can wait for its release. Chrome Unboxed Website recently posted a welcome message for Chrome OS devices in a Chrome Chrome bug report Found Which refers to this operating system, a hint that may include the replacement of Fiosha with Android in the not too distant future.

The image below is probably related to the initial Chrome configuration process that users are experiencing. This image is not special at first glance, although its designs seem larger than usual, but since Chrome OS is also used for laptops, this makes sense. The slogan on the screen is “Speed. Security. Simplicity “to” fast. Safe. It has become a minor but significant change.

But a closer look at this image reveals some unusual points. The first is the welcome message itself, which says “Welcome to your Chrome OS” or “Welcome to your Chrome OS device” instead of “Welcome to your Chromebook” or “Welcome to your Chrome OS device”. “Welcome to your chrome.” Don’t forget that Google Chrome is the browser and Chrome OS is the operating system of the company’s laptops. But next time, if you look at the people in this picture, you see more weird things.

Of the three people involved in the project, apparently only one works with a Chrome OS laptop. The other two have portable devices that are different from Google’s previous goal of providing a Chrome OS experience. Chrome OS does not work on smartphones or tablets, as Google has Android for these products. So why is such a page even prepared on a trial basis by this company? Why are there details that suggest that Chrome OS might work on products different from what we’ve seen before?

Google has already used this design method for a different purpose. The company used animation when it launched the ChromeOS.dev website, which showed users could run an app on any device, whether it was a regular mobile, clamshell phone, tablet or Chrome OS laptop. You can still get this animation in Relevant website look. But that story was about Android apps that can be used on all of these devices.

Google’s new design could signal a move toward a future in which one operating system can run on all devices, and that operating system does not have to be Chrome OS. Google has been working on Fiosha for a long time, and anyone who follows the information of this operating system can easily connect the available clues and get the same result.

Fiosha is an operating system that can run on any device, regardless of screen size or type, and even on non-display devices. Operating systems like iOS and macOS receive updates instantly and have better security and privacy. Fiosha can run current Android apps as well, so migrating from Android (and Chrome OS) to this operating system won’t be difficult.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Also, we do not know when this welcome message will be used in Chrome OS. But in that chromium bug report, there are various examples of this graphic design that can show support for different resolutions.

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