Great Wall Concept design inspired by Wall’s face

Great Wall Concept design inspired by Wall's face

Today, design trends in the automotive world are completely abstract. Take a look at this special crossover concept, a car that was recently unveiled at the Shanghai 2021 Motor Show. The slim LED headlights that connect at the two corners may not be a new element, and we’ve seen it in other crossovers and cars before. But look at the front of the window, from here on out, the story is different and we are faced with a full-blown wall, as if the Chinese interest in large window sills has left the designers free to take the initiative in this field.

Say hello to Jing. Google tells us that this means translating the word whale into Chinese. Products from Psych Motors, which is to be offered under the Roewe brand. This is actually a concept close to the production line. But its naming philosophy does not seem so coincidental.

The vertical lines in front of the window are exactly reminiscent of the surface under the whale’s snout! If you are wondering about the Chinese writing on the license plate, you should know that this is a different writing from the word Jing. It can even be said that the choice of white color for this concept was not accidental.

Great Wall

Discussion of design aside, what is the story of Jing? According to the media, the production version of Jing will be very similar to this concept model and will enter the Chinese market later this year. The technical specifications of the driving forces have not been published yet. Rumor has it that it will not be available in all-electric form.

Instead, it will be marketed in the form of plug-in hybrid and regular petrol models. Of course, the all-electric version will join the psychic product portfolio in the future. Of course, there may be changes in its face. However, Jing is set to take over Roewe’s flagship product portfolio.

Great Wall

Since this concept is a version close to the mass-produced model, it can be predicted that the windshield like it will not change much in the production models. We do not currently have information on the possible price and features of this car. But we know for sure that the priority for its supply and sale, like other Roewe cars, is for the Chinese market.

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