Gucci has unveiled a special edition Xbox X series for $ 10,000

گوچی از نسخه ویژه ایکس باکس سری ایکس با قیمت ۱۰ هزار دلار رونمایی کرد

Microsoft and the luxury brand Gucci have teamed up to produce an expensive version of the Xbox X-Series that will sell for $ 10,000 in just 100 copies in a few days.

Based on information Gucci official websiteIn its first collaboration with Microsoft, the company decorated the Xbox X series console with special patterns and sold it in a special suitcase with the company’s design elements. The $ 10,000 Gucci bundle includes the console itself, two wireless controllers and a luxury suitcase. This product is also available to the buyer by subscribing to Xbox Game Ultimate.

The console and suitcase have the famous Gucci rhombus design that shows the dual pattern of the letter G. These two letters are chosen according to the first letters of “Guccio Gucci” and Good Game. In the special suitcase of Gucci, there is a special place for the controllers and the console itself, so that you can carry the Xbox X Series with you on trips for $ 10,000.

The controllers are also decorated with two stripes in blue and red to be reminiscent of Gucci designs. The Gucci Xbox will be available from November 17, coinciding with November 17 through the Gucci website and the company’s selected stores. As we said, this product will have a limited supply and will be available to wealthy enthusiasts in only 100 models.

Gucci is not the only brand in the world of fashion that has entered the world of video games. The Louis Vuitton brand had previously designed skins for League of Legends in 2019, and Balinsiaga also partnered with Epic Games to create a complete world within Fortnite.

In addition, making the Xbox is not Gucci’s first experience in the gaming world. The company has previously designed virtual sneaker shoes for VRChat and Roblox and a virtual garden with a product theme for Roblox.

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