Hacker attack on Activision company; The future plans of the Call of Duty series have been revealed

Hacker attack on Activision company;  The future plans of the Call of Duty series have been revealed

A group of anonymous hackers extracted internal information from the expected titles of the cloud company “Activision”.

On Sunday, the cybersecurity and malware research group vx-underground released images of data stolen from Activision. These data show that this company intends to publish New content for the popular Call of Duty series in the near future. On Monday, Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming website confirmed that the vx-underground group has not fully released all the information stolen from Activision.

According to the “Insider Gaming” website, these anonymous hackers extracted all the information of Activision employees, including first and last name, email address, contact number, salary figure, workplace address and other items. “Joseph Christinat”, Activision’s spokesperson, sent a statement regarding the hackers’ attack on the company’s internal information:

The security of our data is very important and we have comprehensive data security protocols in place to ensure its confidentiality. On December 4, 2022, our information security team quickly addressed and quickly resolved an SMS phishing attempt. After a thorough investigation, we found that no sensitive employee data, game code, or user information was accessed.

On what date did hackers attack Activision?

On the other hand, security group vx-underground tweeted that on the date December 4, 2022Activision was attacked and infiltrated after hackers managed to obtain the information of a privileged user on the network. The group also confirmed that malicious actors were trying to steal the information of other employees of the company. Of course, some employees were not subjected to phishing attacks by Internet attackers. Activision employees did not report the incident to the company’s security team at the time.

Hacker attack on Activision company

Activision isn’t the only recent victim of hackers in the past two years. In January of this year, a group of hackers gained access to Riot Games’ “development environment” data. This incident led them to steal the source code of League of Legends and Teamflight Tactics games. In early September 2022, another group of hackers released images of the first phase of the highly anticipated GTA VI game online. Rockstar Games confirmed the recent attack by cyber attackers on the company’s confidential information.

According to cybersecurity firm Group-IB, during 2022, a hacker group called 0ktapus gained access to the confidential information of at least 130 companies. The group is well known in the hacking world for hacking the cloud communications company Twilio, which provides other companies’ services such as sending automated text messages to its users. It should be noted that this group was able to carry out a cyber attack on Epic Games and Riot Games.

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