Hackers attack a municipal water source in Kansas, USA

Hackers attack a municipal water source in Kansas, USA

Sure, you think something as important as the drinking water of a city or region should be well protected, but this is the second time hackers have been able to remotely launch a cyber attack on a Florida water treatment plant after hackers attacked it last February. Access one of America’s urban water resources and endanger people’s lives.

In the previous attack, the attacker was able to change the level of chemical compounds in the water. Now the US Department of Justice Reported data A 22-year-old man named “Wyatt Travnichek” was accused of threatening the lives and health of people in March 2019 for a similar action aimed at shutting down the water treatment system of the water source in the city of “Zeworth”, Kansas.

An important part of these two cases is the inability of municipalities to defend their systems. They allow remote control software access to their systems so that employees can monitor the systems remotely. In fact, apparently Travniکek did not even need to hack the systems, as he was a former employee of the center and had re-entered the system and manipulated it months after leaving the Alzurt refinery. He is now likely to face up to 20 years in prison.

This cyber attack is very similar to what happened in the Florida case. In that case, the water purification center had been using an old password for a long time, and even after installing the new software, it had not removed the previous software from the remote control.

These experiences show us that perhaps the time for change has come. The new US president is currently allocating $ 2 trillion to infrastructure projects, including safe water transfer and lead pipe replacement. But safe water transfer also needs to increase the safety of systems. Citizens were not reported injured in the incident.

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