Hacking 25 Tesla cars in 13 different countries by a German teenager

هک 25 خودرو تسلا در 13 کشور مختلف توسط نوجوان آلمانی

Recently one 19-year-old German hacker Announced with Infiltration of Tesla car software They can be managed. The hacker, named David Colombo, claims to have found out Security breaches, So far successful Full control of 25 Tesla cars in 13 different countries Take over.

David mediated API keys and third-party software Was able to access cars. This young hacker emphasizes Tesla’s core software had no security breaches And has not played a role in this. In a post published by this hacker The car owner is the main factor Knowing and saying the use of other programs and The level of access granted Has caused them to breach.

David Colombo is the founder of a cyber security startup

Most of David Colombo has mentioned in his posts that he can not interfere with the operation of the steering wheel and accelerator or brake of hacked cars. But still Dangerous existing accesses Described. He spoke about his level of access Ability to turn off guard mode There is. In addition, he can Open and close doors or windows and use keyless driving.

Hack Tesla cars

Achieve accurate location, detect the presence or absence of the driver in the car and play your favorite music from YouTube Infotainment system There are other things that David Colombo mentioned. The hacker, who fortunately is not a saboteur, said access levels could Dangerous Be. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

The good news is that Tesla’s security team has contacted David Colombo And in line with the existing problems, he will consult with this German hacker.

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