Halloween from Hubble: A giant cosmic spider web or a dead star?

Halloween from Hubble: A giant cosmic spider web or a dead star?

NASA has released an image from the Hubble Space Telescope that looks like a “spider web”. This red-orange spider web is actually a cloud of carbon soot that surrounds dead stars. The soot originated from the outer layers of the constellation CW Leonis after the explosion of the constellation Assad. The carbon in this region was created by the fusion power of the interstellar nucleus, which left a carbon-filled environment after the star exploded in a dark, empty space.

The release of carbon into space as a result of such events creates the raw materials needed for the birth of future stars and planets. All life on Earth consists of the element carbon, and the complex biological molecular structures on Earth are made by bonding between carbon atoms and other common elements in the universe.

CW Leonis is located 400 light-years from Earth and is the closest carbon star to us. This gives astronomers a better understanding of the star’s behavior in the turbulent environment around it. This interesting shape and the layers around the star may have been created by the star’s own magnetic field. Hubble’s detailed observations of CW star Leonis over the past two decades also track the release of material from the star.

The light rays emanating from the star CW Leonis are another exciting feature of this star. The brightness of these rays changed over a period of 15 years, which is a very short time in astronomical proportions.

Astronomers speculate that the star’s light may pass through the empty space between the carbon clouds Is changing And it lights up the dust around it. However, the exact cause of these sudden changes in the brightness of these rays is still unknown.

The reddish-orange color of CW Leonis is due to its low surface area of ​​1260 degrees Celsius. The green light of the star actually shines in the invisible light and the infrared region. Due to the lack of natural color, green color has been added to it so that it can be studied better by creating the highest color contrast.

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