Harley-Davidson DelMar unveiled; Yankee-style electric fireworks

هارلی دیویدسون DelMar رونمایی می‌شود؛ آتش بازی برقی به سبک یانکی‌ها

LiveWire Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle brand Is. Now the American company intends to unveil its second electric motorcycle called Del Mar.

According to published information, this motorcycle is in the middle class and in this regard is available to a larger segment of people.

Previously Harley motorcycle LiveWire One with $ 20,000 price tag Had launched.

As a result, it is expected to be lower in price than LiveWire from its initial launch.

DelMar based Arrow platform Harley’s company is made up of important parts, including the battery pack, electronics and engine.

Harley-Davidson Live Wire

it is expected that DelMar from the S2 version of this platform Take advantage.

The other two products based on this platform, including the lightweight S3 version and the heavyweight S4, will be launched in the market so that the Harley 4 electric motorcycle will be on the market.

Harley-Davidson Live Wire

Harley is set to join LiveWire Taiwanese scooter manufacturer That means merge Kymco. Also after merging its public offering with the method (SPAC) Will begin.

Harley Davidson this Famous American motorcycle maker In recent years, it has faced a serious decline in audience and because of its expensive products. To satisfy the audience, the new generation needs to offer cheaper and more affordable motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Del mer

Currently, one of Harley’s most important American competitors in the field of electric motorcycle manufacturing can be Zero and Sandors Cited.

Harley’s first electric motorcycle, LiveWire One Power over 100 hp Has an amazing ability to accelerate.

However, its sharp price has made it unavailable to the public and has practically become a luxury and expensive motorcycle.

It remains to be seen whether the new motorcycle will bring success back to the Harley camp.

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