Harmony 2 operating system has been available to more than 65 Huawei and Honor devices so far

سیستم عامل هارمونی ۲ تاکنون در دسترس بیش از ۶۵ دستگاه هواوی و آنر قرار گرفته است

Huawei has made significant progress in developing its proprietary HarmonyOS operating system, despite heavy sanctions imposed by the United States. The Chinese company has now confirmed that a stable version of the Harmony 2 operating system is available for 65 Huawei and Honor devices.

Huawei is always looking for new ways to lift the effects of sanctions, and now this is another important turning point for the company. The Chinese manufacturer continues to improve its position in the local market, and this now provides new opportunities for the Chinese manufacturer. According to the list provided (image below), most of the devices running this operating system Has been accessed It includes Huawei devices, and of course a small number of Honor devices are on this list.

At the launch of the Huawei P50 series, the company announced that since June 12, Harmony 2 operating system has had more than 40 million users and almost 8 more users use it every second. It was also mentioned that many older models such as the Mate 9 and P10 will also receive this update.

The stable version of the Harmony operating system is now available in the Chinese model of many phones and tablets that have pre-installed applications. Adding Honor phones and tablets to the list of devices eligible for a stable version of the operating system also strengthens the connection between Honor and its former owner, Huawei. In addition, more devices are expected to benefit from Huawei’s proprietary operating system in the future, and it is likely that by the end of the year, a large portion of Huawei devices, and possibly others, will use the Harmony 2 operating system.

China is still the largest smartphone market in the world, and the development of an alternative operating system for Google Android will bring a lot of prospects. In fact, Huawei, after its very difficult situation in the last two years, is now probably on the right track and has successfully overcome the difficult situation.

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