He became the first independent member of the World Telecommunication Union

نماینده مجلس: حمله سایبری موجب حذف اطلاعات سرور جایگاه‌های سوخت شده بود

Hamrah-e-Awal stated that this operator became an independent member of the World Telecommunication Union, in line with the digital transformation strategy.

According to the General Department of Communications of Iran Mobile Telecommunication Company, due to the importance of digital communications and the mission of realizing the digital dream, while pursuing the necessary follow-up and paying the membership fee, Hamrah Aval was able to become a member of the World Telecommunication Union. Enter the ITU.

The first company, which has formed the “ITU Study Group Committee” since last year with the approach of examining new communication technologies and regulatory standards in the world, can now with this independent membership, easy and direct access to ITU articles and recommendations and the possibility of participating in Meetings have it.

Hamrah Aval emphasizes that this action can lead to the recognition of MCI brand in the world as the largest communication operator in Iran.

The importance of membership in the World Telecommunication Union

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a United Nations-affiliated international organization that today, with its membership of 193 countries and 900 companies, universities and regional and international organizations, provides a unique platform for global public-private partnerships. Has become.

In 1932, at the Madrid Conference, the International Telegraph Union decided to merge the International Telegraph Treaty (1865) and the International Radio Telegraph Treaty (1906), which two years later led to the founding of the International Telecommunication Union, which still exists today. It is known by the same name.

The activities of this union include: developing the criteria used to build infrastructure to provide telecommunications services on a global basis, supporting countries in implementing development policies in the field of telecommunications and supporting the rational and fair management of the radio frequency spectrum. And satellite orbits to help provide wireless services to people around the world and things like that.

It is worth mentioning that Irancell operator has been a member of this union since 2011 and now both the first and second operators of our country are in this union.

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