Head of Trade Development Organization: The currency code will soon be used in international trade

رئیس سازمان توسعه تجارت: به زودی از رمز ارزها در تجارت بین‌الملل استفاده خواهد شد

The head of the Trade Development Organization agreed central bank for use Currency code the door international trading informed. According to him for the next two weeks Economic activists Can from Bitcoin And تتر Use for their transactions. Peyman Pak also announced the definition of a mechanism for using the code of currencies produced in the country in cooperation with the Ministry of Silence and the Central Bank.

“Alireza Peyman Pak,” the head of the Trade Development Organization, told RFE / RL that one of the requirements for trade development is the transfer of funds and guarantees.

“An economic operator must have a financial, banking, monetary and insurance mechanism to trade with the other party, and in this regard, there are various tools such as opening credit documents, interbank communications and the Export Guarantee Fund. “Recently, one of the means of credit transfer has been used in payment discussions, which is the same as blockchain systems or cryptocurrencies.”

Noting that cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems have many practical implications for business, he stressed that if cryptocurrencies are neglected, much of the business opportunity will be lost. central bank We agreed to from Blockchain systems And Currency code the door Business The International “Let’s use it.”

According to Peyman Pak, using the currency code creates a kind of guarantee for small and medium-sized businesses; That is, if small or medium-sized businesses want to work with their counterparts in other countries, they need some kind of guarantee that blockchain systems based on different currencies can create this mechanism, and the trading partners will give each other mutual guarantees based on the mechanism of these systems.

The head of the Trade Development Organization said that he could also use the currency code to pay.

“We are working on the mechanism of this system, its international part has been done and so on two weeks Future connection Ramzarz system Like our systems Comprehensive trade system “It will be defined and a tool for economic actors and exporters to use this international tool.”

Determining the mechanism for using the code of currencies produced in the country

He further referred to the Central Bank’s proposal to use cryptocurrencies produced in the country and said:

“We are currently working on this proposal. “How can we use in-house cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies that have been purchased by companies such as the private sector and are being traded to import goods?”

According to Peyman Pak, the dimensions of this proposal are being studied and it is possible to define a mechanism to help the cryptocurrencies produced in the country to develop trade and import goods: “” To use Password of domestic currencies also Ministry of Silence And central bank until the two weeks “We will conclude and implement its program.”

The head of the Trade Development Organization said that all economic operators can use these cryptocurrencies. “And can pass it on to the seller of the goods or the importer.”

“There may be restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies in some target markets, especially in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan,” he said.

“In our main markets, such as Russia, China, India, and Southeast Asia, the use of cryptocurrencies is common, and they use these cryptocurrencies, meaning cryptocurrencies play a significant role in our target markets.”

He believes that the widespread use of cryptocurrencies by economic actors will increase and jump exports.

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