Headphones reminiscent of science-fiction movies; Dyson Zone was introduced with air purification capability

هدفونی که یادآور فیلم‌های علمی-تخیلی است؛ Dyson Zone با قابلیت تصفیه هوا معرفی شد

Dyson has already introduced various cleaning products. The company recently introduced an air purifier headphone called the Dyson Zone. We take a closer look at the details in this article.

Dyson has already unveiled some cool products, such as an ultraviolet light vaporizer. The brand offers innovative solutions for air purification, the latest of which are Dyson Zone Air Purifier Headphones Is.

Dyson Zone Air Purifier Headphones

According to reports Cnet, The new headphones introduced by Dyson may be more like an idea in science fiction movies. Nevertheless, headphones Dyson Zone It is a real product and has the ability to purify the air. You can from Fall this year Get new Dyson headphones.

Dyson is best known for his vacuum cleaners. This brand but in a new move, from The first wearable gadget He himself has unveiled. The company’s Dyson Zone headphones focus on two things: “Delivering surround sound to your corners and a stream of purified air to your nose».

In fact, the Dyson Zone wants to keep you away from noise and air pollution. The idea of ​​these headphones is really attractive; But still details Pricing They have not been published.

Rumors of these headphones were leaked about 4 years ago. Also, about 2 years ago, Dyson patented a new patent for a headphone with an indoor air filter.

Dyson Zone Headphones

Dyson did not say what kind of mask the air filter in his new headphones looks like. On the other hand, they mentioned that Dyson Zone headphones have electrostatic filtering capabilities. 99 percent It has small micron pollution particles such as dust, bacteria, etc. Headphone filter of absorption capability Urban gases It also uses NO2, ozone and SO2.

It is not clear how much you will have to pay to replace the Dyson Zone air purifier filters; But it is said that depending on the model of the device should be approx $ 70 to $ 80 Spend.

Thanks to Noise canceling system With these headphones, you can listen to music and not hear annoying noises, despite strong winds and ambient noise pollution. It is not said 15 undergraduate students They have collaborated in various fields in the development of these headphones.

What do you think of the Dyson Zone headphones and their features?

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