Help Mobile CEO: Xiaomi’s price break has changed the conditions of mobile repairs

Help Mobile CEO: Xiaomi's price break has changed the conditions of mobile repairs

Alireza Esadi, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mobile Help, said: The challenge of guarantee companies is the laws that have been passed by guilds in the past. These rules mainly come from home appliance companies and it has been announced that the profit of warranty companies from providing services is 34%. This estimate is for the last ten years that the cost of payment from the importing company to the guaranteeing company was 3% of the total import amount, while now this number is 1%. Our request is that the rules of after-sales service and import of mobile phones are provided specifically for smartphones, because smartphones are constantly being updated and the speed of innovation in them is very high, and it is necessary to establish rules to keep pace with this market. be

Alireza Esadi, the CEO of Mobile Help, said at the event of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of this collection: According to the ranking of the support organization in 1400, Mobile Help was ranked among the top 5 mobile guarantee companies in the country with a score of over 80%. He believes that Mobile Help as a complement to the sales chain is affected by market conditions. He also added that the currency fluctuations of the market have also affected them because according to the consumer protection law, mobile phones officially have an 18-month warranty and the company receives this amount in Riyals at the beginning of the period, but it is possible during the provision of services. faced with an increase in the exchange rate, which increases the costs and decreases the profits of these companies.

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The slowdown of the repair market due to Xiaomi’s price reduction

In relation to the warranty and the changing trend of users’ demand, Esdi says: in a period after the inflationary wave and the increase in the price of phones, the request for repairs for phones increased, but Xiaomi has broken the prices so much in the last one or two years in the mobile market that this trend is now It has changed drastically. Users now do not see replacement and repair as cost-effective. Because, on the one hand, the original parts of some phones are not available in the market, and on the other hand, if they are found, they are so expensive that users prefer to allocate the cost to a new phone instead of repairing it.

 10 years of experience

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He further mentioned the 10 years of activity of this company and the changes in the work path of this company and added: In the last ten years we had various fluctuations, but in the last five years when warranty was formed in the meaning it is today, we were one of the first companies to offer warranty service We were making an official presentation. He claimed that the mobile phone guarantees an average of 70-90 thousand phones per month, which is about 7-8% of the total share of the mobile market per year, although this number increases or decreases in different periods and in all these years the target We have been satisfied, and we tried to keep everything under our control by mechanizing the company’s system, BI and being completely data-driven, and find out which company imported each mobile phone, which companies and which brands had more failures, and if If we find out that the partner companies in the official B2b warranty service are not working properly, we should warn them.

He also announced that the mobile help site has an average of three million monthly visitors, which decreased by 35% in the early days of the Internet disruption in October. Also, during the internet outage in November 2018, we completely focused on the online market and migrated to the offline market with 50% of the business, but we continue our special service on the online platform and currently, Mobile Help has a contract with 70 companies that import mobile phones and accessories. Providing official guarantee services that this number is increasing.

 Use of original parts

He added that Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Nokia brands are the phones that have the largest market share in the country and are included in the official warranty service of the Zina Communication Technologies Company (Mobile Help) in the form of providing B2B services to mobile phone importing companies.

In the past ten years, Mobile Help has never used non-original and low-quality parts in its non-warranty repair service, which is an online service for on-site repair services or free courier service, and in its official warranty service, and this policy The company has existed for the past 10 years and will continue to exist, even if the customer insists on using non-original and cheaper parts in the non-warranty service to reduce costs, this request is rejected and there has always been a policy in the collection that no type of parts Non-original items should not be used in the collection.

Smartphones and a wave that should not be left behind

In another part of his explanation, Esdi emphasized that the importance of smartphones should be taken very seriously and said: Smartphone rules should not be confused with computers, graphics cards, gadgets, and even other electronic equipment. Smartphones are a separate category with their own needs. If we don’t pay attention to these needs now and don’t renew the related laws, it will be too late with the arrival of artificial intelligence in the coming years.

He, who is a graduate of technology management-innovation field, pointed out that the development of artificial intelligence in the near future will lead to the fact that we will soon witness a huge wave of revolutionary changes in various sectors of technology-oriented industries, and said: if we can’t in phones If we are smart enough to update the rules, we will also survive the next wave, which is the development of artificial intelligence, because from January 2023 onwards and in the coming years, with the wave initiated by ChatGPT, a trend will be formed that will sweep everything like a huge tsunami. It will collapse and we will see the effects of its changes in human life in the coming years.
He also stated that the reason for the years of silence in the news of Mobile Help was to find a suitable opportunity to unveil their services and continued: We started the company in 2013, but in the startup environment of the past years where there was a lot of noise, we preferred to remain silent. While we were active during the wave of first-generation startups and we had entered this space very early, the atmosphere of newly established companies was so busy that we put the collection policy on the development of quality and services and the growth of our media such as the mobile website. Currently, the largest mobile repair training website is in Farsi language, until we decided with the cooperation of the public relations team that in a situation where there was a wide silence in this space, the 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Mobile Help is an excuse to break this long news silence. put a period

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