Hisense launched the four thousand dollar PX1 Pro 4K projector

هایسنس پروژکتور 4K چهار هزار دلاری PX1 پرو را روانه بازار کرد

Hisense Recently a laser projector 4K With the ability to display images from very short distances sent to markets America And Europe Besides many features, from the operating system Android TV benefits and a price equal to 3999 dollars has

Hisense projector PX1 Pro It is able to display images 90 until the 130 inches display This product also thanks to the use of tenth edition Android TV is actually a cinema projector that can also act as a smart TV.

Specifications of Hisense 4K projector

Hisense’s new product is also able to take pictures from a distance 27 And 49 cm To display on the wall 2200 lumens brightness and contrast ratio 1000000:1 also has

It should be mentioned that the new Hisense product, in addition to the mentioned items, has the feature of motion estimation and compensation MEMC It also supports and the image launch rate is equal to 0.25:1 Is.

Projector PX1 Pro also to transfer the image from a chip DMD This package uses stereo speakers 30 watts And Voice remote includes Other components of this product are an antenna RFan audio visual connection, 2 ports HDMI 2.1 Along with two ports USB-A include one of these USB ports with a connection USB 3.0 and the other with connection USB 2.0 It is compatible.

New Hisense projector

In addition, it should be noted that the voice remote of this product also has shortcuts for Google Assistant, YouTube, Prime Video and Disney Plus, on the other hand, according to Hisense, it supports Dolby Vision HDR There will also be an update for this projector during the summer, however support for Dolby Digital And Dolby Atmos are now available in this product.

In the end, it is not bad to mention that according to the manufacturer’s claim, the life cycle of this product is equal to 25,000 hours is, which means that the mentioned device with average 8 hours Daily use up to approx 9 Year will live

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