Holding a “Hamrah Cup” programming competition by Hamrah Aval

Holding a "Hamrah Cup" programming competition by Hamrah Aval

The first round of “Hamrah Cup” programming competitions is held by Hamrah Aval with the aim of identifying the talent of the technical force.

Hamrah-e-Awal Public Relations announced in a press release that the first round of “Hamrah-e-Cup” programming competitions will be held with the aim of finding the talent of the technical force on February 15 of this year.

In this course, along with the Cup, which is dedicated to the “Java” and “Data Analysis” competitions, talent identification will be done among the top people of this competition, and preparations will be made for the joint cooperation of talented forces with the First Mobile Research and Development Center.

According to Hamrah-e-Aval, the prizes of this competition, which is organized by “Hamrah-e-Aval Research and Development Center” with the participation of “Hamrah-e-Smart Business Company” and Coera, will cost 25 million Tomans for Java competition and 50 million Tomans for data analysis competition. Was.

Interested parties for more information and registration in the data contest link And Java quiz to this link Visit.

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