Hollywood executives create content for Apple’s augmented reality headsets

کارگردانان هالیوود برای هدست واقعیت ترکیبی اپل محتوا می‌سازند

According to informed sources, apparently Apple, in collaboration with prominent Hollywood directors, wants to provide relevant content to users. Combined reality headset Put your future.

New York Times Citing informed sources, he explains that “John فاوروThe Iron Man director is one of only a handful of directors to produce content for Apple’s augmented reality headsets. He is said to be building a hybrid reality experience based on his documentary Prehistoric Planet. The documentary, which also aired on Apple TV Plus, is about dinosaurs.

Introducing Apple’s augmented reality headset in 2023

As exciting as this news sounds, the New York Times goes on to report a disappointing point. As Ming-Chi Koo recently said, the publication also reports that the Apple headset may be up to years due to battery life and performance issues. 2023 Do not offer.

Its development also seems to be accompanied by some turmoil. The New York Times reports that some Apple employees have left the company because of the consequences the headset can have on how people interact with each other.

Based on these reports, it can be argued that the Apple headset at the company’s annual developer conference, namely WWDC Which will be held on Monday, will not be announced and Apple will focus on software such as the new version of iOS.

Apple has not yet officially confirmed the existence of this headset, but so far various reports have been published about it. For example, it was rumored that Apple’s augmented reality headset would come with the same power as the Mac M1. Earlier in another article titled “Everything we know about Apple’s augmented reality headset and RealityOS operating system” we reviewed all the information about this device.

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