Honor unveiled the first carbon silicon battery with 12.8% higher energy density

Honor unveiled the first carbon silicon battery with 12.8% higher energy density

In the past years, most of the technologies related to smartphones have developed at a very fast pace, hardware parts such as chipsets, displays, cameras, etc. All but the battery capacity, which is improving at a snail’s pace and has become a problem with the increasing processing power of smartphones themselves. But Honor thinks so has found a solutionthe first industrialized silicon carbon battery.

240% more capacity at 3.5 volts

The silicon-carbon battery will have a 12.8% higher energy density compared to current lithium batteries that use graphite for one of the electrodes (anode). To be more precise, the Honor Magic 5 Pro mobile phone has a standard 5100 mAh lithium battery. Now, if Honor used a silicon carbon battery instead, the capacity of that battery with the same volume would reach 5450 mAh, which is a very good figure.

Honor silicon carbon battery

Honor CEO George Zhao took the stage briefly, but in that short time, he showed a few charts that gave a quick explanation of why the new battery is better. A standard lithium battery suffers a drastic drop in energy once the voltage is reduced to 3.5V, and this is where silicon carbon just starts to shine as it has 240% more capacity than a standard battery at 3.5V, resulting in an overall improvement of 12.8%. will be

Honor silicon carbon battery
Honor silicon carbon battery

Interestingly, the Honor Magic 5 Pro smartphone already has a 5,450 mAh battery in China, and it seems that the new battery technology is already a reality, not just something being tested in the lab. However, the international model still comes with a standard 5100mAh battery, so we still have to wait for Honor to confirm this.

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