How do turn signals and flashers work?

چراغ راهنما و فلاشر خودرو چگونه کار می‌کند؟

One of the car parts that increases driving safety is the turn signal and flasher, because the driver informs other people about his next move through the turn signal, and by turning on the left or right turn signal, he conveys to others the concept that The direction of movement of the car will be inclined to the left or right, and this will cause the absence of accidents and surprise other drivers. Today, many accidents that happen when turning right and left are due to the lack of use of the car’s turn signal, that’s why in this article, we will specialize in the category of turn signal and flasher, so that you can get enough information about it.

How do turn signals and flashers work?

One of the subgroups of the car safety system is the turn signal light. It functions as a part of the car safety system when the turn signal circuit is turned on by the car switch along with the car flasher. The guide circuit works when the switch is on, but the car flasher works without the switch being on.

It works in such a way that the battery power is transferred to the thermal flasher through the fuse, and from the thermal flasher it goes to the car’s steering wheel, which is located next to the steering box and behind the steering wheel. Here, according to the switch on and the operation of the guide handle, the operation is determined.

The number of turn signal lights in cars varies at least 4 depending on the type of car, two lights in the front and two lights in the back flashing around the car and in some others, in addition to these four, on the side mirror and the front fender of the car. They are installed and used to draw the attention of drivers and inform the direction of the car to other drivers and the driver can easily turn left or right. In flasher mode, all turn signals flash simultaneously.

What is the use of turn signal and car flasher?

The car’s turn signal and flasher are used in the following conditions:

  • Lane change warning
  • Warning for when the car is overtaking.
  • To get the car out of park
  • In bypass mode
  • When the car breaks down.
  • To change direction at an intersection
  • To walk around the square
  • Car flashers are used to warn drivers of any danger.

Due to the fact that there are always a large number of cars passing by in busy urban and intercity streets and squares, and in order to inform other drivers of the direction of travel and alert them to possible dangers, turn signals and flashers are used to avoid Prevent any accidents.

Car flasher

But regarding the use of car flashers, it can be mentioned in emergency situations to warn and alert drivers on freeways, highways, two-way roads, etc., when an accident has happened, or the car has run out of gas, or the car has broken down. You can use the car flasher if you want to transport the car with a tow truck or to notify heavy traffic at once.

Of course, according to the traffic laws, if none of the mentioned incidents have occurred, you will not have the right to use the vehicle’s flasher for a long time. You’ll be around for a long time, otherwise you can use this feature on a moment-by-moment basis.

To use the car flasher, you can use the red button that is placed separately inside the car cabin, often with the icon of two white and red triangles. In some models, black color is used. To activate the car flasher, you can press the button. Press to start the flasher and if you want to use this mode until the incident is resolved, you can actively release the flasher key and turn off the flasher after you finish pressing the button again.

Car flasher

What is automatic guidance and what is its role?

Automatic guide is a very small and cylinder-shaped piece, it is placed in the fuse panel under the dashboard of the car, and it is considered one of the cheap parts, but automatic guide is very practical.

When the guide handle is moved up or down, the automatic guide that is connected to the turn signals starts flashing and according to the car switch being on, the electric current is established in the guide circuit.

By passing through the resistance and heating of the steel spring, the electric current is directed towards the turn signal light. In this case, the electric current is reduced and the light is not produced, and in one second, the spring heats up again and straightens the curve of the spring. , the electric current will be restored and this current will continue for one second, then the spring will cool down again and return to its previous state, and this process will continue until, by cutting and connecting this cycle, every one to two seconds, the mechanism Blink the light.

final word

In this article, we first discussed how the turn signal and flasher work, and after getting familiar with the function of these parts, we went to the use of the turn signal and flasher, and by stating the advantages and uses of this feature, a brief explanation about the conditions of using the flasher and the rules. We had instructions on driving and after learning about the function and use of the turn signal and flasher, we examined the automatic function of the turn signal so that you can get the necessary familiarity with a part of the car’s safety system.

How does the turn signal function?

The turn signal starts working when the turn signal circuit is turned on by the switch to the flasher of the car and warns other drivers.

When do we have the right to use car flashers in the long term?

To warn and alert drivers on freeways, highways, two-way roads, etc., when an accident has happened, or the car has run out of gas, or the car has broken down, or if the car is being towed.

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